Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Trip to London

So the other week I went to London. This was my 4th trip to London but my first shopping trip to London, so naturally I was very excited. After a good 4 hours of shopping and walking up and down Oxford Street, in and out of shops, I picked myself up some goodies!
I was in need of a good pair of dungarees for the summer to wear round the house and in the garden and these looked so nice! I think I actually spent at least 2 hours in Topshop looking round - it is SO big! 
ZARA Trafaluc Faux Leather Skirt £19.99
This skirt is simply great! It wasn't very expensive and it feels like leather and isn't as flimsy as the other faux leather skirts I've seen.
H&M Divided Sweater £14.99
I bought this sweater because I love the jewel eyes on the tiger. Is it just me or does this sweater remind you of the Kenzo version?
Next Cropped Jeans £26
When I go shopping, I always have a plan of what I'm looking for and cropped jeans have been in the back of my mind for AGES. When I tried these on I knew that these were for me. They fit great and look nice with a pair of Chelsea Ankle Boots.
Next Laser Cut Clutch £12
This clutch was also from Next and it's so convenient. Inside there's space to hold your phone and also slots for your cards. What also makes it special is that it was designed by the ELLE UK magazine team and I'm a huge fan of ELLE!

The next day I went to Covent Garden. I wasn't planning on any more shopping - just a stroll around and seeing all the performers on the streets. My plan failed - I went to David & Goliath as I'd never been there before. I was aware of all of their tops but when I saw that they had pyjama bottoms that matched a top I had at home I knew that I was going to get them!
David & Goliath 'Come to the Dark Side, we have Cookies' Pyjama Bottoms £20
When I tried these on at home I was so comfortable but when I was about to flick off the light and get into bed I scared myself! Turns out my bottoms are glow in the dark! I don't know how I didn't realise that but... yeah, glow in the dark - that's cool!

Hope to see you soon mes amis!

K xo