Saturday, 29 June 2013

Calvin Klein Perfume Set

I recently wanted to expand my perfume collection but I didn't where to start. My friend is a big fan of the Calvin Klein perfumes so I thought, why not?
This set contains 5 bottles that are between 4ml and 10ml.
I've already used the Obsession Night and Eternity but I just loved the bottles so much that I've decided to keep them. The bottles still smells really nice too.
Obsession Night
This scent is so nice. It smells quite mysterious, if that makes sense, with hints of orange to make it zesty but also vanilla to sweeten it up.
CK One
I associate this smell with sport and exercise (probably why it hasn't been used much -haha). For me, it isn't sweet enough as it is quite woody. Some people like that, but I don't. It also has notes of orange and lemon too to give it 'zest'.
Euphoria is definitely my favourite. It is a flirty scent that is filled with floral and fruity smells.
Eternity Moment
This one also smells nice has it is quite flirty too. However, I prefer Euphoria because this one only smells flowery and sometimes that can become overpowering and too much.
Again, this is also a floral fragrance. It's quite similar to Euphoria although the smell of this one has been added to a woody note that has matted it down.

I hope my descriptions haven't been too baffling, what perfumes do you wear?

K xo

Sunday, 23 June 2013

French Manicure

Today I thought I'd show you how to achieve a French Manicure the easy way without having to apply false nails. I got given a The Color Worshop French Manicure Set for my birthday a while a go but never got round to using it. I think that having a good French manicure is an all time classic that matches every outfit - perfect for on holiday!
The Color Workshop French Beige and French Pink 
 After you've applied the base colour (I chose French Beige) you need to apply the tip of the nail.
 This is done by using white nail varnish and also (optional) a white nail pencil. Instead of buying an actual French manicure sticker guide you could just use half a hole re-inforcer sticker, these can be found at WHSmith.
 Finally, finish the look off by applying a top coat. This keeps the nail varnish in place so that it doesn't chip as easily and therefore lasts longer.
 What's your favourite look on your nails? Are you a fan of the French manicure?
K xo

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Nail Varnishes Galore

I thought I'd show you all my nail varnish collection today. It's nothing special but it's a start (I'm trying to have nail varnishes on my nails most of the time).
 I'm also going to include photos of some of the nail varnishes on my nails in a single coat because some of the colours aren't very strong. I'm not going to sample every one but here is a selection:
How often do you wear nail varnish? Do you like to do nail art?

K xo

Sunday, 9 June 2013

ELLE UK July 2013

Subscribers' Cover Page, July 2013, Amy Adams 'Super Woman'

The July issue of ELLE is all about the summer holidays. It's packed with all the tips on how to stay looking your best when the sun comes out.
This Month's Freebie | Rodial Brazilian Tan Light
With this issue came the Rodial Brazilian Tan in Light. I haven't tried it yet but it gives an instant glow followed by a natural tan colouring that develops in 4 hours and also the skin feels deeply hydrated allowing for a longer lasting effect.
On 26 June from 6 till 8pm at Selfridges London there'll be the Denim Lovers Event.
They will be opening of the world's largest denim department and get top denim tips from their fashion rail.
Meet your favourite fashion editors from the magazine and discover their expert advice for creating the perfect denim look. Paige Adams-Geller from Paige Denim will also be on hand to offer her expert guidance for finding your perfect pair of jeans.
The Denim Studio will be a true blue extravaganza on the evening with blue popcorn and FIJI Water for refreshment.  
From studding to fraying, customisation specialists Sew Over It, will also be there offering exclusive customisations for your denim.
And even better, the tickets are free on a first come first serve basis!

I always like to know what other people pack in their suitcases because it shows what works well for them. That way I can try it too to see if it'll work for me.
It's also a good way of showing me items that multi-task, for example the iPad case/makeup bag/clutch bag.
If it's one thing that I got from this, it's that you can never have too many bikinis.
Favourite item: Blue cotton shorts, £85, by Comptoir des Cotonniers
Favourite item: Black & White swimsuit, £40, by American Apparel
Favourite item: Cotton shoes, £24.95, by Gap
Style for Less is my life saviour. It proves to me that fashion doesn't always mean going to the top expensive shops that break the balance. Fashion and beauty can be enjoyed on all levels of richness and poorness.
This month the styles are quite laid back and free which I like because it means that the clothes are comfortable.

What did you enjoy from this month's ELLE magazine?

K xo

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Loving Soap & Glory Right Now

I've always wanted to try some products from Soap & Glory but I didn't know where to start! I knew that Soap & Glory do a good variety of stuff but I thought that it was good to start with some body items.
Soap & Glory Box Set including a good storage box and a shower puff
I decided to buy 'The Righteous Butter' body butter, 'A Great Kisser' lip balm, 'Clean On Me' moisturising shower gel, 'Hand Food' hand cream and 'The Scrub Of Your Life' body scrub.
They all came in a box that I'll keep for storage and a shower puff.
 All of the products smell so good! They all have the Original Pink fragrance which I think is quite floral but also has hints of citrus.
Another bonus with this, is that the size of the bottles is quite small which means that it works well for travelling.
My favourite, one that I'll definitely be getting again, is the 'Hand Food' it is so moisturising and leaves my hands really smooth.
For me, lip balm is too sticky and too shiny so unfortunately it's not for me.

I will definitely be trying more of Soap & Glory's range in the future!
Which products are your favourite from Soap & Glory?

K xo