Sunday, 23 June 2013

French Manicure

Today I thought I'd show you how to achieve a French Manicure the easy way without having to apply false nails. I got given a The Color Worshop French Manicure Set for my birthday a while a go but never got round to using it. I think that having a good French manicure is an all time classic that matches every outfit - perfect for on holiday!
The Color Workshop French Beige and French Pink 
 After you've applied the base colour (I chose French Beige) you need to apply the tip of the nail.
 This is done by using white nail varnish and also (optional) a white nail pencil. Instead of buying an actual French manicure sticker guide you could just use half a hole re-inforcer sticker, these can be found at WHSmith.
 Finally, finish the look off by applying a top coat. This keeps the nail varnish in place so that it doesn't chip as easily and therefore lasts longer.
 What's your favourite look on your nails? Are you a fan of the French manicure?
K xo