Saturday, 25 May 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I recently invested in some Batiste Dry Shampoo as I thought I'd like to try something new for when I'm in a rush or on the go and my hair needs a little touch up.
I didn't know where to start so I bought three bottles, two large and one small. The two large ones are Blush and Original. I thought that the Blush would make my hair smell nice whereas if I didn't want my hair to smell then I'd use the Original.
The scent of Blush is quite self-explanatory, it literally just some of a nice mix of flowers and sweet fruits.
I also bought a small bottle of coloured dry shampoo for a bit of an experiment. My hair is naturally dark brown but instead of highlighting my hair to add different tones and texture I thought I'd try this as an alternative. So far it's going well but I don't know if my pillow will agree with me if I try sleeping with it before washing it out!
Are you a fan of dry shampoo? Which brands have you tried?
K xo

Saturday, 18 May 2013

My Pandora Charm Bracelet

I think that a Pandora Bracelet is a piece of jewellery that can be worn all day, everyday. I believe that it is classic and always looks good. Pandora's are great because they can tell your own personal story through charms.
So far I've got a Teddy Bear Charm, an Alphabet K Charm, an Eiffel Tower Charm, a Sneaker Charm and various murano glass charms to add colour to my bracelet.

I love my bracelet and wear it all the time. It reminds of me some of the best times I've ever had, like a school trip to Paris (that was the best trip ever), meeting a polar bear in the zoo with my mum and spending each of my evenings as a child at my running club.
Do you have a Pandora Bracelet? What charms do you have on your bracelet?
K xo

Saturday, 11 May 2013

ELLE UK June 2013

My ELLE UK Magazine came through the door the other day! I thought it'd be nice of me to review the magazine every month about the bits I loved most and also to review any freebies they send!
Subscribers' Cover Page, June 2013, Miley Cyrus, 'Rapunzel with a mohawk'

This month's freebie | They're Real! Benefit Mascara
I tried this mascara on the other day, and I can honestly say that it does what it says. It lengthens your eyelashes and I genuinely couldn't tell the difference between my eyelashes and my lengthened eyelashes! Another bonus is that after applying this mascara I wasn't left with any clumps.
 My favourite article that I look forward to every month is the 'Style for Less'. What it is, is a spread of three pages featuring three new trends and clothes that you can buy on the high street 'for less'. This month's trends are Summer Frontier, Prairie Girl and Country Strong. To summarise these trends, they're quite relaxed and laid back. They feature a few floral patterns and fringes. Finally, they reflect a cow girl outfit quite a lot, no?
Favourite item: White Cotton Top, £35, by Miss Selfridge
Favourite item: Leather Belt, £7.99, by Gina Tricot
Favourite item: Leather Sandals, £120, by Kurt Geiger
This is definitely something that I want to go and see. It's an exhibition at the V&A called Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s. It runs 10 July 2013 to 16 February 2014. It's all about the best of 1980s fashion including 22 customisations of a Levi's Denim jacket. Basically, in 1986 style magazine Blitz asked 22 London designers to customise a Levi's jacket, and each was then displayed at the V&A. Now, 27 years on, they're back.
This season, in beauty, there is a flashback at the last 4 decades. Here is a look at each decade and how to reflect that decade in your look.
1960s - beehive up-do, big eyelashes, natural lips
1970s - crimped hair, blue eye liner, flushed cheeks
1980s - scrunchies, red lips, bright eye shadow, strong contouring
1990s - slick and back combed hair, full grown-out brows, coffee-hued lips
I thought it'd be cute to include my favourite picture of the month in my magazine review because I think that flicking through a fashion magazine isn't just about the writing but the images as well. The image below is of backstage at the Mulberry SS13 show. I chose it because the poodle (named Max) is what makes the Mulberry shows unique. Max even sometimes walks the catwalk with the models!
Favourite Picture of the Month
I hope you enjoyed this post and that it encouraged you to buy ELLE. Are you subscribed to any magazines? What's your favourite bits in ELLE?

K xo

Monday, 6 May 2013

Primark Haul

In my opinion, Primark is a great shop. When you're searching for, lets say, a tropical print bikini and you found one you like in Topshop; Primark would always have a similar alternative that's a fraction of the price.
So my tip to you is that before you buy anything, check your local Primark to see if they've got a similar item.
That's exactly what I did. I had a few ideas in mind so went to see what Primark had in store, if only Primark had an online store...
Sheer Broderie Anglaise White Blouse £8
I think that this blouse is really good! It's very light and floaty, Broderie Anglaise is such a pretty and feminine fabric. 
Tropical Printed Trousers £13
 These trousers are so bright! They'd work great in the British weather to brighten up the day, who doesn’t want to be transported to palm-lined beaches when they look in the mirror?
Faux  Suede Tassel Shorts £12 £5
 At the moment, I really like suede but I'd never bought suede other than on shoes - I probably bought them because they were reduced! Also, the tassels on the shorts aren't long like I've seen on other clothing which is great because when walking the tassels won't get in my way.
Polka Dot T-Shirt £10
Originally, I was going to buy the Topshop Contrast Polka Dot T-Shirt for £38 so it was good that I found this for a lot less money! Monochrome is a big trend this season, as are dots so what better way to tick boxes for different trends in one item of clothing?
White Crop Top £3.50, White Jeans £7, White Plimsolls £3
The only reason I actually went to Primark was to buy a white outfit. The reason why? I'm going to a UV party in 2 weeks! Basically, you get splattered in UV paint that glows in the dark and we've been told to wear white clothes that we don't mind getting stained. The UV paint will show up better on white as it glows.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday!
Au revoir!

K xo