Monday, 6 May 2013

Primark Haul

In my opinion, Primark is a great shop. When you're searching for, lets say, a tropical print bikini and you found one you like in Topshop; Primark would always have a similar alternative that's a fraction of the price.
So my tip to you is that before you buy anything, check your local Primark to see if they've got a similar item.
That's exactly what I did. I had a few ideas in mind so went to see what Primark had in store, if only Primark had an online store...
Sheer Broderie Anglaise White Blouse £8
I think that this blouse is really good! It's very light and floaty, Broderie Anglaise is such a pretty and feminine fabric. 
Tropical Printed Trousers £13
 These trousers are so bright! They'd work great in the British weather to brighten up the day, who doesn’t want to be transported to palm-lined beaches when they look in the mirror?
Faux  Suede Tassel Shorts £12 £5
 At the moment, I really like suede but I'd never bought suede other than on shoes - I probably bought them because they were reduced! Also, the tassels on the shorts aren't long like I've seen on other clothing which is great because when walking the tassels won't get in my way.
Polka Dot T-Shirt £10
Originally, I was going to buy the Topshop Contrast Polka Dot T-Shirt for £38 so it was good that I found this for a lot less money! Monochrome is a big trend this season, as are dots so what better way to tick boxes for different trends in one item of clothing?
White Crop Top £3.50, White Jeans £7, White Plimsolls £3
The only reason I actually went to Primark was to buy a white outfit. The reason why? I'm going to a UV party in 2 weeks! Basically, you get splattered in UV paint that glows in the dark and we've been told to wear white clothes that we don't mind getting stained. The UV paint will show up better on white as it glows.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday!
Au revoir!

K xo