Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Everyday Skincare Regime

My everyday skincare regime consists of a face wash, face scrub and a cleanser. I know, it's not a lot but I find that it's enough for me - I hardly ever need a moisturiser.
Wilkinson's Tea Tree Skinology Range
Left to Right: Face Scrub, Cleanser and Face Wash £0.98 each 
All of my skincare products are from the Wilkinson's Skinology Tea Tree range. Tea tree smells great and is the perfect 'wake me up' needed in the mornings.

Ever since I've started using it my skin has cleared up tremendously!
I use the face wash in the morning, the scrub when I get home from my day and then the cleanser at night. Don't let the brand put you off just because it isn't Clearasil, Freederm or Simple, just because it's Wilkinson's doesn't mean it's bad!
Wilkinson's Tea Tree Skinology Range
Left to Right: Intensive Spot Cream and Anti-Spot Roll On £0.98 each
Whenever I have a mini break out (which happens even to the best of us) I also have ready at hand the intensive spot cream and the anti-spot roll on stick.

Believe it or not, I got all of the 5 above mentioned products for under £5, and they actually do the job and help clear my skin and maintain it! 
I recommend trying at least one product from the Skinology range, after all what's wrong with trying something new?

Ciao for now mes amis!

K xo