Saturday, 29 June 2013

Calvin Klein Perfume Set

I recently wanted to expand my perfume collection but I didn't where to start. My friend is a big fan of the Calvin Klein perfumes so I thought, why not?
This set contains 5 bottles that are between 4ml and 10ml.
I've already used the Obsession Night and Eternity but I just loved the bottles so much that I've decided to keep them. The bottles still smells really nice too.
Obsession Night
This scent is so nice. It smells quite mysterious, if that makes sense, with hints of orange to make it zesty but also vanilla to sweeten it up.
CK One
I associate this smell with sport and exercise (probably why it hasn't been used much -haha). For me, it isn't sweet enough as it is quite woody. Some people like that, but I don't. It also has notes of orange and lemon too to give it 'zest'.
Euphoria is definitely my favourite. It is a flirty scent that is filled with floral and fruity smells.
Eternity Moment
This one also smells nice has it is quite flirty too. However, I prefer Euphoria because this one only smells flowery and sometimes that can become overpowering and too much.
Again, this is also a floral fragrance. It's quite similar to Euphoria although the smell of this one has been added to a woody note that has matted it down.

I hope my descriptions haven't been too baffling, what perfumes do you wear?

K xo