Sunday, 7 July 2013

Godiva Festival 2013

Back: Flower Garland from Baby Ceylon and Vintage Oxblood Clutch Front: Sunglasses

Godiva Festival is a free festival that is based in the War Memorial Park, Coventry. This year there were performances from Mallroy Knox, The Loveable Rogues and Amelia Lily. Of course, I listened to a bit of the music but when there's a 'Vintage Market' tent around you can't miss it!
Sunglasses, £4
I've been looking around for a while for a pair of sunglasses for the summer. I had nearly decided on a pair from Topshop for £16 but when you see an almost identical pair for £4 you can't refuse!
Flower Garland, £4
I was going to buy a flower garland at last year's festival but at the last moment said no. I was not going to say no again so ended up with this tied in my hair for the rest of the day. I think that it'll also look nice when put round the rim of my hat.
Vintage Oxblood Clutch, £5, Boots 17 Vintage Nail Polish
I've been needing a clutch for while for when I'm out at parties. I, previous to this, had looked online for a clutch and all the good ones were at least £15! Therefore this clutch had to come home with me too. As it is vintage it had a few marks on it but I think that they can easily be washed off.
I love that it resembles a purse but on a larger scale!
Are you going to any festivals this summer? Have you already been to any festivals this summer?

K xo